Oil Paintings by Toby Ray

When I was studying for my fine art degree, I dabbled with many art mediums and loved the challenge of turningart & parcel my hand to different techniques to create art. My artwork has organically evolved over the years, but painting using acrylic on canvas or board is what I use most often to create seascapes of the Cornish coast. When you establish your own style and finely hone your creative output, you can sometimes lose that spirit of experimentation you cultivate at art college, and I missed it. So when I received a monthly gift subscription box from Art & Parcel for Christmas last year from my wife I was delighted! 

Oil Paintings of the Cornish Coast

The idea behind the Art & Parcel art boxes is to inspire artists and creatives to experiment with new products and discover new ways to make art. The products within the box varies month-to-month, and I found myself really looking forward to receiving the little brown boxes containing various art products such as pigment markers, air-dry modelling clay, soft pastels, parchment paper and artist oils.

The box I received in January contained a selection of oil paints which reignited my love for creating oil paintings. I had started experimenting in 2003 using thick oils and a pallet knife, but the fascination was short-lived due to real life commitments getting in the way and not having time to fully explore oils. On rediscovering this deliciously rich medium, I found that ‘painting’ oil paintings with a pallet knife produced a satisfyingly chunky effect reminiscent of the rugged Cornish coast. I liked what I was producing; the thick oils were so pleasing to work with and my creative spark of excitement was reignited. Here are some recent oil paintings I have done. A big thanks to Art & Parcel for the inspiration!

Summertime Sunset Oil Painting

"Summertime Sunset"

"Last House on the Cliff"

Low Tide Treyarnon

"Low Tide, Treyarnon"

"Mawgan Porth"

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